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Early Career Researcher Activities

Early career researcher (ECR): Obtained highest academic degree (Bachelor, Master or PhD) less than five years ago

Infohackit training programme


In the run up to the meeting, Infohackit has been running a science communication training course for BPS2021 conference ECR participants. 


Check out the infographics below which give a taster of the conference presentations. 


Monday 30th November – Design principles & software training
4 hours 

  • Examining key concepts in design, including composition, type, images, colour.

  • Basic training in Affinity Designer, professional design and illustration software.


Tuesday 1st December – Applied workshop: Infographics
4 hours 

  • Brief presentation about visual communication.

  • Supervised work session utilising skills developed during the first session to create an infographic.


Friday 4th December – Supervised open session to work on own infographic
4 hours

  • A chance to ask questions and get feedback on your infographic.

Thank you to our sponsor

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